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I’m an active 65 year old male that recently developed lower back pain resulting in lack of mobility and restless sleep. I tried inversion therapy, stretching and indulged in a nightly hot tub. I didn’t get worse but didn’t alleviate the constant pain.

I made an appointment with Faith two days ago and am very grateful for her talents. I sleep well and will enjoy my daily exercise routine after writing this review.

I’ve had hundreds of of professional massages throughout the world and consider Faith’s to be one of the best.

Dennis  Va Beach

Faith is very knowledgeable and has tons of experience working on bodies. She delivers a amazing massage that targets your muscles and for the first time I can remember I’ve been relieved of my shoulder pain . Definitely returning!

~ Eric A. Va Beach

For a month I had a sharp pain in my right forearm near my elbow. I believe I injured it in the gym. I couldn’t pick up anything with out feeling pain that ran down my forearm to the middle of my palm. After my first session, I gained the ability to lift a glass of water without worrying about dropping the glass. When Dj-ing I use my forearm a lot. I had a DJ gig the same night of my massage. That same night I had no pain. I do plan on going back so she can get rid of the discomfort I still have.

~ Carey A. Norfolk

I had a chance of getting massages on regular bases for few months, she is awesome. Its every single penny well spent. I play competitive sport and workout on regular bases, she knew exactly where my hurt points were and fixed them.
She is a “Cut Above the rest”

~ Fabio R.  Va Beach

My husband and I hired Faith for an in home massage. Our experience was outstanding. Faith was very professional, yet comfortable. The entire process was a breeze, from the scheduling to the service to the payment. Faith made every effort to address our individual stressors and physical ailments. I would highly recommend Faith for massage therapy services to my friends and associates.

~ Terri B. Hampton Roads

“An excellent therapist with strong hands and a thorough knowledge of the body. I hobbled in with a recent back injury and when she was done I was able to walk out upright again.
She’s very open and engaging and quick to pinpoint the source of the problem areas.
Having been raised by a massage therapist I tend to hold therapists to a high standard and Faith definitely stands in that class of professionals I would highly recommend.”

~ Chaka C. (Los Angeles)

Faith is an exceptionally skilled complete “body worker.” I called her for a deep tissue, and she provided an excellent deep tissue massage and was on track as far as pressure (despite her small frame she packs a lot of power). She worked on all my problem areas and my body recovered and after the massage I felt heavier in my feet – meaning all the tension I was holding from my feet up was released…after hundreds of massages I can say this has only happened one other time and that was when I was being seen daily for a week for leg work. Faith has great energy, and gave me a 2+ hours “hands on” no taking breaks or fiddling around. She also is not a clock watcher. I don’t know if everyone is into the spiritual/energy side of massage as I am, but she knows what she is doing and totally cleansed my energy and unblocked all of my energy/spiritual congestion. She brought an awesome candle which she made and left what was unburned as a gift. The candle made from soy, didn’t leave “hot” wax and you can use it to massage or condition dry skin…that was very thoughtful and the feeling of the candle and scent is therapeutic (lavender and chamomile). She was very good and I do recommend her and I will see her again.
– on time
– hard working; hands on & communication
– clean, unblocked energy transfer
– relaxing, blissful
– gifted, talented, educated
– great at understanding source of pain and releasing it
– generous
I know how difficult it is to find a good massage that is perfect for me. I have found that in Faith and can’t wait to see her again. If you like deep tissue and energy work, or a good massage that provides lasting affects, you should try Faith. I feel confident to recommend her for deep tissue, pain (I have sciatica and restless leg syndrome), relaxation and energy work…because this is some of the most intensive massage modalities, I am sure she can provide anything less than this (just a great massage).
I hope this review helps you to have a greater understanding of her ART.”

~ Alicia B. (Los Angeles)

“I work in reality tv and anybody who works in production can vouch for me.
The hours are long, little sleep, very tough on your body. About 2 weeks ago I made an appt with Faith and let me tell you… IT WAS WELL NEEDED AND DOUBLE WORTH IT!!
The biggest sell for me was environment! Very calming and relaxing. I left extremely satisfied and my body and mind are thankful. Not only is my body not aching anymore, but I have energy and feel more alive!

Thanks again Faith! ”

~ Ruby Cantu (405 Productions, Los Angeles)

“As someone who has been getting regular massage for over 20 years I can say that Faith is one of the best female therapists in town! She has a true healer’s touch! Not only is she educated and a quick learner of her trade, she has a crucial component to healing others – intuition.

I’m a yoga teacher and I understand this very valuable gift. Massage therapy requires technique but the best therapists always have a higher level of intuition. They know what’s going on with your body, mind or soul during your massage, making it even more therapeutic.

Faith is educated, intuitive and always goes above and beyond the call of duty for her clients!”

– Lori Lutrell (Los Angeles)

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3 thoughts on “Testimonials & Reviews

  1. I want all to know.. I recommend this excellent service to everyone. You will be amazed.. my first & not my last..

  2. Saw Faith for the first time on Saturday morning. Clean, professional, knowledgeable, and strong. I have been searching for a new therapist for the past 2 years and had seen her ratings on YELP!, and decided to give her a try. The best body work I have had in over 10 years!!! The energy work will go a lot better if I can clear out some loose baggage, but I fully expect the next go around to have an even better outcome. I was sore, but only because Faith got into places that really needed it. The stretching incorporated was so badly needed and she sensed it right from the jump. I believe I have found my new therapist

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