Massage Studio…..

I now have a studio space in Virginia Beach, VA where clients can book a massage with me, available by appointment only.

Over the next few days I’ll be setting the space up to take clients. Once I am set up you will have the ability to set up appointments online.

I look forward to seeing you!

Finding Calm in the Midst of Stress

The other day, I had a client in Virginia Beach who requested an in-home massage. It was the day before her vacation and she needed to unwind from the stressors of life and go into that period of downtime in a relaxed and pain free state. It had been quite some time since she had a massage and while she was looking forward to it, the weight of circumstances were blocking her ability to receive. I began working on her and noticed that she was slow to relax. Many people are like this. It simply takes the ability to go in with long sustained strokes and slight persistant pressure to get the body to relax. It also takes the ability to simply just be in the moment. Sometimes our mind doesn’t want to shut down. It wants to continue in it’s chatter, to think and speak about the concerns and stress we are trying to get away from. I find that by focusing on the breath and simply not allowing a verbalization of that chatter, you help to guide the mind to a place of relaxation. You have to be willing to break that pattern to get to a place of simply submitting to calm. Easier said than done sometimes. The mind is a powerful thing. Channeling that power and redirecting it’s pattern can have a profound effect on the body. I gave her a little extra time because I saw that she really needed it. We don’t always give ourselves what we need. It took very little from me to give her something that shifted and expanded her experience. To simply see the peace in her face afterwards was thanks enough. It is why I do this work.
So how does one maintain this calm after the massage has come and gone? Beginning a practice of yoga and meditation does wonders for the mind and the soul. After all we are essentially our soul and our mind. Our body is just a manifestation of that. When we take care of those elements, everything else starts to fall into place. It is a slow and disciplined practice to engage the mind is such a way, and the rewards are tremendous. And it is never too late to begin to engage in a daily practice. It is what keeps us sane.

Beautifully Flawed

Unique – (Adjective) “Being the only one of its kind; unlike anything else.”

We grow up hearing how unique we are, how we are unlike anyone else who has ever come before us. That as an individual we have so much to offer the world, that no one else can quite contribute. There is some truth to it, but it is not the whole truth. It is even misleading at times. It can even go so far as to create a sense of separation from others.

Yes, we all have experiences that we feel and believe are completely owned by us. We believe we go through things in a way that no one else goes through and our stories are so very different from everyone else. We will even place more value on our struggle, and diminish another person’s experience by stating that no one else could possibly feel what we feel or experience what we experience. While this philosophy may hold some truth, it takes away from what the real truth. That uniqueness, much like beauty, is really only skin deep.

This is not to negate what we contribute and the individualism that we possess. It simply means that in our uniqueness we are essentially all the same. We go through the same things, we feel the same emotion, and we are not as unique as we think. At least, not in a sense that should lead to separatism. In today’s culture, even with all of our connectedness we still seem to suffer from so much separatism.

This collective sameness held by the masses is best seen in the way that our body responds to stress and emotion. As a massage therapist, I get a front row seat to the simplicity of what is perceived as complexity. Our bodies all maintain the same holding patterns. Muscles hold emotions, and our muscles and problem areas give away more than what we would like, to the person who knows how to interpret such things.

The neck tells the story of someone who stays in their head and dwells too much of their stress. It tells of the person who may not be able to voice their truth either because of circumstances or just the simple state of not knowing how. The back tells of financial woes, overbearing people or situations that become just too much to take on. The legs can tell of the uncertainty of what the future holds and how to move forward into it. And then there are areas that are not so obvious, that are to be held between the person and what they deal with. It’s not to say that I can put hands on someone and tell them their life, it’s just that I recognize that we all experience the same things. We cry, we fear, we hold anger and resentment. We worry and become overwhelmed. We are in control until we realize that we aren’t. And we all just really want to let it go and sometimes we just don’t know how.

I am privileged and humbled to be the one that gets a up close view to see a person for who they really are sometimes. To know the feeling of working on someone who seeks out massage to get some relief from the stressors of life. I am humbled by the evidence in someone’s face, the exhale of letting go, the pause of reflection. Mostly I am humbled when I feel the rapport established from affecting change. I live to affect change. I hope to inspire. To bring something to a situation that brightens, lightens, and changes a person in a positive manner. I am not the one who creates change. I am merely the facilitator. And for that I am grateful.

9 Reasons to Get A Massage!

Huffington Post put together this slide show that demonstrates the many reasons to choose massage. If you suffer from anxiety and depression, aches and pains, PMS, lowered immunity, sleep issues, migraines and headaches then massage is for you. Many people have the belief that massage is about pampering, and while this is part of it, the health benefits of massage far outweigh just the idea of something that is a luxury used to pamper oneself. The idea is to see massage as complementary and alternative medicine. Medication may seem like an easy solution, and one that is widely accepted, but if you are like me, all of those side effects start to diminish the one benefit you’re trying to achieve. Massage offers all of the relief without those side effects.

It is important to keep in mind that all types of massage may not work for you. If you have issues with blood clotting, medical conditions that are contra-indicative to massage, deep vein thrombosis, and any other questionable circumstances is it best to first check with your doctor to see what your limitations may be. While some types may not work, other types that are more energetic based and limited to specific areas can be a viable option.