The objective of my work is to achieve measurable results and alleviate pain and discomfort so that the body can be in a state of relaxation and increased productivity. My training took place at the National Holistic Institute in Los Angeles, CA and I have been in private practice for the better part of the last 7 years.

A variety of modalities are pulled from with a baseline in Swedish, Deep Tissue and Sports, and Medical Massage. I believe that when you focus on the system of fascia and utilize stretching (assisted and pnf), you achieve long lasting and profound results. When physical manipulation of the muscles doesn’t quite achieve that, then energy work added in allows those muscles that are affected by stress, more than injury or overuse, to release. The mind has a lot of control over the muscles and achieving peace and tranquility is part of the goal.

In terms of tools, I do use hot stones (both the standard basalt and Himalayan salt stones) to penetrate the muscles. Aside from targeting the attachment sites to work the fascial system, I also use the Fascia Blaster. I encourage you to look it up. My aim is not to focus on the aesthetic benefit but to affect pain management. The aesthetic end result can be achieved, but I find it is a by product of pain management.

All the products used are natural and chemical free, and the only time that fragrance is added is the usage of essential oils. I can do custom blends upon request to achieve various goals. The sessions you receive are a blend of all tools I have learned so that you walk away feeling a distinct and measurable change.

I look forward to working with you!

Faith Foster