Fascia Blasting

I use the Fascia Blaster (designed by Ashley Black) during sessions for the primary purpose of alleviating pain. There are additional benefits such as reduction of cellulite and a re-shaping of the body, but results will vary from person to person and cannot be guaranteed. The objective is to loosen adhesions and distortions in the system of fascia to open the body, alleviate pain, and improve mobility and range of motion.

The process (much like cupping or any treatment of the fascia) can involve a little bit of bruising, which is normal and not a problem. My approach is to go in gently with the belief that using the least amount of impact to achieve a desired result will get the best long term benefit.

I use a combination of heating with an Infrared Lamp and soft tissue manipulation to get the body warmed up and more receptive before blasting. You, as the client, let me know how much of the session you want the Fascia Blaster to be used. Some clients insist on it every single session to varying degrees, and others use it on a situational basis.