Massage by the Ocean

Have you booked a beach house in VA Beach, Va and now you are so comfortable you just want the world to come to you? I service the areas of Sandbridge, Croatan, and the North Beach for the vacationer looking to get their massage close to the water.

Just let me know the size of your group and when you would like me to bring the spa to you, and set aside some downtime to truly relax. Rates are dependent on the size of the group. Please call 757-695-8505 for more information!!!

Deep Breathing and Massage..

Breath-work, the act of conscious breathing, used alongside massage in any capacity decreases the levels of pain in the body and allows the work to be more profound and long lasting. There times where I notice that if I slow my breathing down, in the manner I am trying to get my clients to, they follow along without necessarily knowing they are doing this.

I tend to get clients who deal with chronic and acute pain and/or carry levels of tension that stubbornly persist. What I have noticed over time, specifically with one particular client of mine, is that the only way to get her to relax and be more receptive to the work is to actively keep her engaged in slow and intentional breathing. Only then does her body respond in the way that is needed to get her comfortable. I joke around that most of us breath just enough to stay alive, but it’s more reality than joke. As I have had increased clients who suffer from deep rooted and persistent stress, focusing on the breath increases their results from the session, but hopefully becomes a practice they take into their day to day lives.

Based on Zautra’s hypothesis and other health teachings, the benefits of deep and slow breathing are likely due to one or more of the following:

  • Nervous system balance – Slow breathing helps improve the balance between the sympathetic nervous system (the fight-or-flight response that raises heart rate, blood pressure and perspiration during stress) and the parasympathetic nervous system (responsible for the relaxation response).
  • Oxygenation – Shallow, rapid breathing restricts the amount of oxygen available to circulate in the bloodstream, while deep diaphragmatic breathing increases oxygen intake. Deep, slow breathing more than doubles the blood’s oxygen quantity.
  • Muscle hypertonicity – Shallow, rapid breathing tightens the neck and shoulder muscles, easily leading to a cycle of chronic pain in these areas

The increased focus on engaging the diaphragm also contributes to decreased lower back pain and easing of chronic tension in the neck, shoulders and arms. These are the most common complaints. While sometimes conversation in a session in necessary, I have found by limiting this as much as possible allows the client to truly focus on getting the body to where it needs to be and instills the practice in them long term. There is still a checking in of comfort levels, and conditions change from session to session, but it should be kept to a minimum to get the real work done.

So Grateful

so grateful…

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Massage Therapy Services

Provided by: Faith Foster, CMT

Massage Services

Looking for an expert in massage? Faith Foster is a skilled massage therapist who offers her services to relieve stress for tensioned muscles and tired bodies. Her only goal is to provide the results that you want and make you feel the difference after the session is done.

Faith’s clients are varied and ranges from ordinary people such as stay-at-home and working moms, young professionals, and busy businessmen. They have different backgrounds and issues that need to be addressed. Whatever the demand is, Faith guarantees this is met.

She has been handling various clients, and she believes that,

my work as a massage therapist is not defined in terms of favorites. I am affected by all those that cross my door. As much as I give, I also receive from the people that I work on. There is always an exchange between people, where it come from conversation, passing by, or more specifically the placing of hands on someone. There have been moments where the affect was so great that I was left in awe and humbled by my interaction with them.

If you need to relax and get healthier in the long run, a therapeutic massage can be beneficial. Try Faith Foster, she is one of the best massage therapists available.

The reason that I do what I do is the ability to affect change. In everything I set out to do, the bottom line is to affect change. Whether it be with the client that crosses my doorway or the interaction I have with the neighborhood teens that will not leave my house, there is a driving need to interact, create connections, share experiences and at the end of the day, affect a person on the most profound level. I am also back in school as a full time student with other pursuits, and in the background the driving force is to position myself in such a way that I can meet a need that is not being met that so desperately required.

I am in awe of the affect that is left, of the privilege to engage with others in the way that I do, and I hope that that force is carried forward and moved along in the same manner.

Take Some Time to Take Care of Self..

Whether you need some deep tissue  or sports massage, energy work to break up the emotional junk we carry, or just a space to relax from the day to day, make an appointment for massage at my office in Virginia Beach, Va. Conveniently located off the freeway just East of Town Center!!

Sometimes we have to put ourselves first. Especially those of us that take care of everyone else before themselves. As much as we want to take care of the ones we love, if we don’t take care of ourselves, we don’t have very much to give. Book that appointment today, especially if it is long overdue!

For scheduling, give me a call at 757.695.8505.

Not Just For the Athlete…..

Sports Massage and Deep Tissue is not just beneficial for the athletes and those that engage in physically strenuous workouts. This type of work holds an advantage for anyone seeking more engagement in a session. The detailed working of various muscle groups along with traction and joint mobilization opens up the muscles and the body in a way that a swedish massage could never do.

Add to the work some stretching and you have a complete session offering increased mobility and flexibility, increased circulation, and a lightness of the step. If you haven’t tried a session like this, feel free to give me a call to set up your session at my Virginia Beach location. There is no time like the present to work out the stress in a meaningful and profound way.