Services & Packages

Many Spas and Massage Studios have a listing of services and types of massages, and more times than not, these services vary in price. My approach to this is different in that I charge a flat amount based on time, not modality. I’ve had questions referring to this, and wanted  to clarify any confusion.


Deep Tissue and Sports Massage w/ Assisted Stretching

Gradual and slowly applied deep tissue strokes are applied to problem areas while longer connecting strokes bridge everything together. Stretching, both assisted and PNF are used to increase the range of motion while finishing off the lengthening of muscle fibers. Clients leave the table with decreased pain, increased movement, and a feeling of ease and relaxation. An excellent choice for those who have physical pain, and or chronic and acute issues. Most popular selection.


Vacuum Cups are used both statically and dynamically to loosen the fascia and make the muscles more accessible. Many issues lie in the fascia, and cupping opens up stubborn areas quickly, allowing for increased blood flow to affected areas.

Fascia Blasting

I incorporate the fascia blaster into the massage as a tool to use for pain relief, as well as for aesthetic purposes. The primary purpose is to loosen the fascia and prepare the body for more effective  and deeper work resulting in less discomfort. Inadvertently, the body does respond in a manner that is more aesthetic with decreased cellulite and trimming down of the body itself. For warming I use infrared heat to prepare the fascia so that it is pliable and most ready to work with. Manual manipulation of the soft tissue alongside the fascia blaster allows for more meaningful and advanced techniques.


Long relaxing strokes utilizing some pressure and depth focus more along connecting the body to slow down the nervous system and bring a sense of calm and relaxation. A focus on the breath is encouraged making the client aware of not just the breath but bring awareness of the body. Ideal for those who suffer from stress, anxiety, depression and who need to feel a sense of calm and tranquility.

Elements That are Added in and Utilized per Request

Hot Stones ~ Aromatherapy ~ Energy Work ~ Chakra Readings and Clearings

Energy work and Chakra related work is only utilized upon request.

Energy work is the merely the facilitation of energy clearing, moving through dense and blocked areas of the body, allowing a clearing of dense and heavy energy and allowing for a feeling of lightness and clearing.

Chakra readings involve the use of a pendulum to read the 7 different energy centers of the body. Clearing of the chakras is done from a baseline of energetic work.

A variety of packages can be assembled upon request and the most common are as follows:

Sandbridge is a popular vacation spot, and many of the beach houses accommodate large groups of people. I bring my table, oils and body butters, and sheets to create an ambiance that allows you to maximize the relaxation and enjoyment of your downtime without ever having to leave the comfort of your vacation. In my experience of working in Sandbridge, it is still possible to achieve a calm and relaxing massage even in a fully booked house and all attention to details are considered when working on the client to ensure a calm and relaxing experience. 30 minute, 60 minute and 90 minute sessions are available in group sessions.

Bridal Parties are a time when you and those closest to you are celebrating your upcoming life. While the wedding may be everything you dreamed, planning and executing such an affair can take a toll on even the most ambitious bride and her party. Take some downtime to pamper, indulge, and celebrate this moment in your life.