Not Just For the Athlete…..

Sports Massage and Deep Tissue is not just beneficial for the athletes and those that engage in physically strenuous workouts. This type of work holds an advantage for anyone seeking more engagement in a session. The detailed working of various muscle groups along with traction and joint mobilization opens up the muscles and the body in a way that a swedish massage could never do.

Add to the work some stretching and you have a complete session offering increased mobility and flexibility, increased circulation, and a lightness of the step. If you haven’t tried a session like this, feel free to give me a call to set up your session at my Virginia Beach location. There is no time like the present to work out the stress in a meaningful and profound way.

Valentines Day Is Coming……

Who do you love? Tired of giving the same ole gifts every year?                                                       Or is it time you give yourself a gift?

Try the gift of massage this year! Nothing says “I Love You” more than                                             an hour or two of well deserved indulgence and much needed relaxation.

Gift Certificates are available in various amounts.                                                                          Give us a call at 757-695-8505